Trade Tops & Bottoms by Dr. Gary Dayton, Trading Psychology Edge



Traders need a dependable way to know that a top or bottom is in place. They need a method that:
– Is trustworthy and reliable
– Has high odds for producing solid results
– Is consistent
– Gets you into the trade near the top and near the bottom
– Has clear, close-in stops
– Doesn’t require an indicator, expensive software or fancy calculations to trigger signals
– Produces almost immediate results
– Works on all time frames and in all freely traded markets
– Is easily seen and assessed by the trader
Our Unique Offer on Tops & Bottoms
Our Tops & Bottoms tutorial is unique as we explain in clear terms what you need to see in your chart to reliably assess that a top or bottom is in. This includes the overall background conditions and how structure must appear. We tell you clearly when the top or bottom doesn’t form properly and exactly what to look for. No one else does this.
You aren’t just given a few examples. There is over two hours of detailed review with numerous charts where we explain in detail all the key elements of market tops and market bottoms, including:
– A conceptual model of tops and bottoms so you can understand the specific market action you are looking for
– Specific Entry techniques for tops and bottoms
– Understanding protracted tops and the characteristics of secondary distribution
– Reading the chart for accumulation and what it looks like-this alone will keep you from holding onto short trades or going short at the wrong time
– Likely areas a market will turn
– How to read tops and bottoms bar-by-bar using only price and volume
– How to use the Weis Wave for incredibly accurate confirmations of tops and bottoms
– Using multiple time frames to increase the odds of identifying high quality trades
– Key indications that a market has turned
– Specific trade setups for trading tops and bottoms, along with the all-important background conditions that must be in place
– Identifying the “Springboard”-i.e., the very specific point in the top or bottom where the market is poised to move off the highs or lows rapidly.
– And much more .

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