Stock Market Wolf – Wolf Pack Course



My Story
Andrew, a resident of Southern California, was a single dad at the age of 19 and through his determination was able to obtain a BS in Biology and two Master Degrees; MS in Biotechnology and a MBA with an emphasis in Finance and Management by the age of 27. He currently works for a Fortune 500 Biotechnology Company providing for his family.

Aside from his family, academic and career achievements, his other main love is trading.

He was first introduced to trading at the age of 18 in 2008 and since has been a profitable and active day trader and swing trader of large and small cap stocks primarily in the tech and science sector.
He was a student of Timothy Sykes, Ross Cameron and Cameron Fous which enabled him to learn a wide range of trading strategies.

He is now looking to help others learn the very important skill of trading stocks. He has true passion in helping others and understands the importance of being financially secure not only for your self but for your family or potential future family.

Join him and the Wolfpack today and let’s begin the hunt to financial freedom.

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