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Robert Charles – Phone Flipping Entrepreneurs – Inner Circle

One-Stop Shop​Our “white glove” training includes:
24/7 Online Access To Videos Via Your Computer, Smartphone, Or Tablet
Marketing techniques teaching you how to get people to beg you to buy their items for 25c on the dollar.
Access to online support team via hidden Facebook group + direct access to Rob himself.
Our Inner Circle Includes 69 Training Videos/Templates including:
Where to buy phones
Best times to post
How to do an app listing
What phones to buy/not buy
How to appraise phones
Live phone appraisal
Text replacement and live appraisals
What price to offer for phones
Getting people to agree to sell
The find my iphone app
Removing the icloud from desktop
Removing apple icloud lock
Check esn procedure
Why certain carriers are bad automatically
Difference between GSM, CDMA, unlocked
Where to find IMEI number
Bill of sale instructions
Phone slip instructions
Where to meet people when buying
Inspecting phones
Packing the phone
Shipping/printing labels
Managing money
And Much More​
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