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How Do I Know Funnels Will Work For You?
This is a common question I get asked all the time. But one thing I always tell people, especially to my students is this…
eCommerce is a formula. Period. If the numbers make sense, you follow the proper guidelines, and everything checks out, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that you can fail.
Think of it like this. If you wanted to lose weight, and you committed to going to the gym 5-6 days a week, did cardio, changed your entire diet, tracked your foods and started eating healthy, would you lose weight? Of course you would! Because you followed a proven formula!
And that’s exactly what eCommerce is. It’s a formula. And one that so many new online business owners get wrong…
You see, the OLD way of eCommerce is throwing together a quick Shopify store and loading it with products. Unfortunately those days are DEAD!
We need to do things better, we need to do things smarter…We NEED to be profitable DAY ONE…
And that is where sales funnels come into the mix…
Never heard of sales funnels? I’m not surprised. It’s one of eCommerce’s best kept secrets!

Check this statistic out on a typical $9.97 product:
With a sales funnel you are able to NOT ONLY offer your customers to buy more than one product at a time…which they ALWAYS DO!
But you can offer your customers complimentary products as well! Boosting your eCommerce revenue by AT LEAST 3.4x!
And that is at the VERY LEAST! Six Figure Funnels has had students that increased their eCommerce sales by nearly 20x per month!

That’s what I call a game changer!
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