Mindvalley Course: Power of Visioning by Michael Beckwith




When you Join the Visioning Program You Will:
1. Go Beyond Traditional Goal-Setting
Learn how to manifest beyond your imagination, and open up exciting new possibilities for more success, more love, and more growth you never knew existed.
2. Get “Pulled” By A Vision For Your Life
No longer feel burdened to “motivate yourself” to achieve anything because you will be pulled by a powerful desire to create a reality that’s aligned with your soul’s calling.
3. Free Yourself From Any, And All, External Expectations
Become so in tune with your soul’s calling that nothing—whether it’s the media, society, parents, culture, religion, and more—can sway you from living life on your terms.
4. Create Your Own Luck
Once you embrace the model of a “friendly Universe” where the world conspires for your success, you’ll instantly experience a deep sense of calm and certainty that you will always be living your highest purpose.
5. Embrace Your Divine Consciousness
Understand your true, eternal nature as a spiritual being and watch your life unfold with more love, beauty and plentitude.
6. Tap Into Messages From The Universe
Discover advanced spiritual practices that will allow you to accept ‘downloads’ from the Universe and the collective consciousness where all knowledge originates. This will let you go beyond your limited viewpoint and experience creative epiphanies and certainty.
7. Experience “Oneness” For All Forms Of Life
Transcend the harmful ego, so you no longer see a separation between you and the rest of the world, and realize that you are indeed a unique expression of the Universe.
8. Uncover The Greatest Version Of Yourself
Embrace the great understanding that comes through the Visioning process, and create the ideal conditions for the emergence of your unique gifts, talents, skills, and how the Universe wants to express itself through you.
Power of Visioning Students Can Even Help Others Experience Entire Life Transformations…

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