Mindvalley Course: First Serve by Ajit Nawalkha




Here are 9 powerful breakthroughs you’ll experience in this course:
01 Psychology shifts built for success.
02 9 proven strategies with templates, case studies & training on how to execute them.
03 Generate more leads consistently.
04 Accelerated results.
05 Explode with exciting ideas by learning from the best.
06 Step into your highest potential to serve.
07 Expand your impact and fulfillment.
08 Get in your genius zone and have fun.
09 Unlock the freedom to live your best life.
Here’s exactly what you’ll experience in the 14-module guided training video course,
“First: Serve”
Module 1: New Age of Marketing
Module 2: The Mindset for Creating Powerful Content
Module 3: The Mindset for Making Consistent Sales
Module 4: Psychological Triggers 101
Module 5: System #1 – Written Content
Module 6: System #2 – Video Content
Module 7: System #3 – Landing Page
Module 8: System #4 – Sales Letter
Module 9: System #5 – Webinars
Module 10: System #6 – Creating Free Giveaways
Module 11: System #7 – One-on-One Conversations that Convert
Module 12: System #8 – Mini Events, Workshops, Masterminds & Talks
Module 13: System #9 – Podcasts
Module 14: Identifying and Creating Engaging Content

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