Mindvalley Course: Consciousness Engineering by Vishen Lakhiani




Regain & Restore Your Real Power Through A Systematic Approach To Enhancing Your Human Potential
Consciousness Engineering is a technique that will help you create extraordinary levels of success by shifting the two things that truly define who you are as a human being.
Consciousness Engineering is a framework and program built by personal growth pioneer and computer engineer Vishen Lakhiani.
What Vishen has done with this program is gather many of the world,s greatest teachers in different fields and teach in a way where you get to rapidly adopt their beliefs, behaviours, and habits.
Having personally built a 100 million-dollar company, Vishen is able to be in a position where he can pick up the phone and simply call bestselling authors, teachers, coaches, and even billionaires to ask them to share their knowledge
To find out what makes them different from others, and what their secrets to success are.
He created Consciousness Engineering to share this knowledge with you, from literally the most successful, accomplished people in the world.
This lets you collect success traits, and integrate them into your life with breathtaking ease.
This saves you from poring through books, endless blog posts, and YouTube videos
With Consciousness Engineering you can trust that we curate the most high impact training in the world.
This means your most precious resource your time is invested in the most high-impact education possible.
How It Works
Understand the Framework
Discover how the consciousness engineering framework effortlessly integrates new beliefs and habits into your life
Get Coached By The World’s Most Extraordinary People
Gain powerful, applicable insights from Best-selling authors, Bio-Hackers, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, Sex Experts, Meditation Gurus and more. We find the world’s most fascinating people and have them share their most valuable insights.
Rapidly Upgrade Key Areas of Your Life
Experience dramatic improvements to your health, wealth, spirituality and fulfilment by embracing new systems for living and models for reality.

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