Mindvalley Course: Awaken The Species by Neale Donald Walsch




Prepare yourself for humanity’s next evolutionary leap with this FREE Masterclass.
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In this 75-minute Masterclass, you will:
Hear Neale’s inspiring story of how he went from hitting rock-bottom in his health, career, and relationship, to receiving his first “download”� which led him to write the first Conversations with God book.
Learn why we need to build upon religion (rather than completely dismissing it or dogmatically following it) by expanding our notion of God so we, as a species, can confidently take the next step in our spiritual evolution.
Dispel the myth that human beings are inherently mean or cruel, but instead, learn how humanity is simply a young and innocent species learning how to handle the information we’re receiving by our collective consciousness.
Discover how humanity is only at the infancy of our evolution, and that we still have a massive reservoir of potential we have yet to tap into. This idea alone will make you wonderfully optimistic for the future.
Explore the characteristics of “Highly Evolved Beings”� (HEBs), how they differ from unawakened beings, and how other HEBs beyond our Universe are likely assisting us towards our next great awakening.
Hear about the dilemma Vishen faced after being a potential victim of theft, and be blown away by Neale’s counterintuitive, yet profound solution to dealing with people who may be out to hurt you (for their personal gain).
Get trained in the “There I Go Again”� and “I Am That”� exercises that will elevate your levels of compassion, and help you truly grasp the immense capacity you have to positively impact the lives of everyone you touch.
Understand why there’s no such thing as a wrong decision. Neale offers a powerful, one-question tool to help you make the most effective decisions to serve your highest purpose.
Discover a beautiful piece of wisdom that will help you overcome any challenge you face in life with positivity, grace, and a deep sense of knowing that the hardships you face are stepping stones to you becoming the greatest version of yourself.

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