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Do you want to make a dent in the Universe?
Have you had enough of the beliefs, ideas, and rules that try to put you in a box and pin you down?
Or do you just want to turn a pretty good life into a tremendous life?
Lifebook has helped thousands of people wake up to a truth previously known only by the world’s top achievers:
Our schools and universities do not teach us the skills that create success. Instead they were designed to create cogs in the wheels of industry. And instead of priming us for happiness, meaning and success – they often strip us of it.
Thus, most of these extraordinary people choose to define their own success.
Jon Butcher is one of these people. He defies convention in every area of life – yet he’s attracted wealth, achievement, love, and fulfillment beyond most people’s wildest dreams (he’s even dramatically slowed down his aging).
He’s documented exactly how he does it using the process he calls Lifebook: a high-end lifestyle design experience previously only available to a select few – until now.
About Lifebook
Lifebook is a profound lifestyle design process that has helped thousands of people create legendary lives.
But at $7,500 per person (or $10,000 for a couple), not everyone can afford it – which is why Jon Butcher has teamed up with Mindvalley to bring the essence of Lifebook to everyone, at a fraction of the cost.
Using our popular Mindvalley Quests teaching framework, we have worked with John to synthesize Lifebook into a 30-day online experience that combines community and micro-learning principles to guide and empower you from start to finish.
You’ll learn more about the Quest in a moment, but first it’s crucial we explore.
Why The Modern Definition Of Success Is Broken
We live in a world where success is defined by two narrow variables:
– The amount of money in your bank account
– Your career progression or job title
As a result, we tend to ignore the other vital areas of our life. And this is the reason we live in a world where.
– 30% of Americans are obese (according to the Center For Disease Control)
– 54% of Americans dislike their jobs (according to Gallup)
– Most marriages will statistically end in divorce
– Most of us experience life as a roller coaster of fleeting ups and crippling downs

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