High Ticket Closer 2020 by Dan Lok



Introducing Dan Loks 7-Week High-Ticket Closer Certification Program
The Private Mentorship Where I, Dan Lok, Take You On A Transformational 7-Week Journey And Show You The High-Income Skill Of Closing High-Ticket Sales.

A Skill My Top Students Are Able To Leverage For The Rest Of Their Lives
Heres What Your 7 Week Intensive Mentorship With Me Looks Like:
– WEEK 1: How To Dominate In Life and In Business With A High-Ticket Mindset
Other programs teach you to use aggressive, salesy techniques to close deals – I show you the opposite right in the first week.
This is the week where youll see how you NEVER need to be pushy at all – especially when it comes to high-ticket sales – In fact, the less pushy you are, the more successful youll likely be.

– WEEK 2: The Advanced Human Psychology of High-Ticket Sales and Ultra-Luxury Selling
This is NOT a sales program – This program is about closing High-Ticket Offers and luxury goods/services so it requires a whole new set of strategies most people never even heard of.
In fact when it comes to selling High-Ticket Offers and luxury goods/services, its actually quite simple – You just have to know human psychology on a very deep level.
After this portion of your mentorship, Ill teach how to be able to read anyones personality within minutes of talking to them – Youll get to know them even better than they know themselves.

– WEEK 3: The One-Call Closer Methodology That Ive Used To Close Profitable Deals With High-Level Influencers FAST Even When I Was Just Starting Out And No One Knew My Name!
Its usually my top students that learn these strategies who get the best results.
You can ask any of my 4,900+ past students (or see the testimonial section) – theyll tell you the same thing – With my methods done properly, people may look at you and think youve got a natural gift for deal-making / closing deals – But of course youll need to put in the work first.

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