Foundr – Advanced Email Marketing



As CEO and co-founder of Sendlane — a leading email automation company — Jimmy Kim has seen the data behind more than 10 billions emails sent out. And that’s just in the last 18 months! Where other “gurus” somehow feel comfortable selling half-baked insights into what’s working for their niche lists, Jimmy gets to see behind-the-scenes and the actual metrics of more than 40,000+ different customers!

Everything from ecommerce stores and affiliate marketers, to information publishers and brick and mortar businesses! He sees what’s working across the whole board. He even sees when some “gurus” might be massaging their own numbers just a bit ; )

With such a broad sample size of analytics he knows far more than just how to write the next “click-bait” style subject line or latest trick which works today and dies tomorrow.

He knows that real results (the 3800% ROI kind) are only happening when someone knows how to work deep beneath the surface level tactics most marketers are so heavily relying on.

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