Finance for Founders by Alexa Von Tobel, Foundr




Every successful business is built upon a foundation—an invisible infrastructure that makes user acquisition and revenue generation possible.

Some foundations are strong, and some are not so strong. But without that sturdy base, no business can thrive, much less scale to seven, eight figures, or beyond.

Every foundation is made up of several key pieces. Maybe the company has a unique brand that connects with its customers. Maybe it has an incredible product they can’t get enough of. Maybe it has a pricing system that’s a perfect fit for what and how users want to pay.

One of those pieces is overlooked all too often—finance. It’s easy to understand why entrepreneurs avoid it. It’s complicated, it can be a downer, and it seems irrelevant when you don’t have much money to speak of.

But finance is one of those few critical elements that allow an online business to succeed. It is one of the foundational pieces that, if planned correctly, makes all the difference to the future of a company.

Knowing this is such a huge challenge for so many emerging entrepreneurs, we recently invited one of the leading experts on the subject of entrepreneurship and finance to team up with Foundr on a new course. We asked Alexa von Tobel, founder of LearnVest and Inspired Capital, to share with our community her deep knowledge on the subject, to help you put your own financial plan together and build your own future-proof foundation.

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