Entrepreneur Starter Kit by Tai Lopez




How To Launch A Business In 1-8 Weeks, Even if You Don’t Have a Lot Of Experience Or Money
Here are 3 key lessons you must know about starting a business in today’s new economy:
Lesson #1: Launch The Right Type of Business For You
This is a HUGE question you must answer.
So many entrepreneurs approach me asking for help with their business. They can’t figure out why it’s failing. 9 times out of 10, it’s because they launched a business that doesn’t meet these 3 criteria:
1. Strengths
2. Weaknesses
3. Trends
Lesson #2: You Must Use An Execution Formula
I sometimes call this an experimentation formula.
The best businesses in the world pivot their product based on the demand of their market.
For example, Apple makes changes in their iPhone based on what people ask for. Entrepreneurs could learn a lot from Apple.
One key lesson is NOT being in love with your initial idea.
An idea is only good for getting started, you also need to improve your idea based on experiments you run on your market.
If you don’t, you’ll fail.
Lesson #3: Always Use a Trainer
A question you should always be asking yourself is:
Who’s training me?
You’re not going to get the results you want ” in the shortest amount of time possible ” without a trainer.
The best performers in the world used trainers, coaches, and mentors.
– Warren Buffett
– Mike Tyson
– Steve Jobs
– Oprah
– Mark Zuckerberg
– Elon Musk
– Michael Jordan
. And the list goes on.
No matter what type of business you start, you will need a mentor because you’ll have questions about specific things you can’t find info about online.
You’ll save yourself from being stressed out if you have someone with personal experience guiding you.
Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean doing it on your own.
When it comes to getting trained, you have 3 options:
– In person (the best)
– Online or books (easiest)
– None (AVOID!)
My advice is to use all of the above.
When possible, get trained in person – it’s the best way.

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