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Hi, I’m Jody!

And becoming a trader has been the BEST professional decision I’ve made in my life.

I first traded currencies with JP Morgan for 15 years in the cut-throat interbank market.

And then, still passionate about the business, I became an independent retail trader, just like you… loving every minute of what I do.

How did I manage to succeed and stay in the game for over 30+ years?

Well, I always worked hard and was humble to learn from the RIGHT people.

I got mentors… I learned systems, methods, and “approaches” from all of them.

But more importantly, I learned how to think independently. Become self-reliant.

And now I’m paying back, and I’d like to share everything I’ve learned in my journey with you.

Since 2006 I’ve trained and coached more than 2,000 students with my own proprietary trading strategy…

And if you allow me, I’d like to teach you my personal Trading System for succeeding in any market, any asset class, and no matter your goals or background in life.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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