AthleanX – AX-2




There’s only one way to achieve the title of “ATHLEAN Supreme Athlete”. It’s reserved for the best of the best, the elite.
ATHLEAN X-TREME builds on the foundation established in AX-1 and crosses the line of what is acceptable to produce results that are incredible.
This intense training system is packed with 90 more days of workouts, challenges and drills designed to take your body to the next level. ATHLEAN X-TREME was born out of the science of strength utilizing advanced training protocols such as Time Under Tension, Density Training, X-tinction Training and more. Each week presents a new phase and a new challenge that you must pass to earn your way into the next. This is not some glorified jazzercise workout available on the home shopping channel. This is X-TREME. You’ve been warned.
AX2: It’s Time to Reign Supreme
Ever wish you could get a behind the scenes look at how pro athletes train.or better yet, do their workouts? Elite pro athlete trainer Jeff Cavaliere breaks out his very best to deliver 12 unique phases, over 200 new exercises and 60 unique workouts, each designed and backed as always in true muscle science. From the ground breaking “Retro-Rep” training phase to the “Supreme Athlete” phase.the unmatched explosiveness of “X-celerative” training to the one everyone is talking about.”ATHLEAN X-tinction” training, these workouts will take your body on a journey to X-treme muscle building and fat burning status in just 90 days. There’s never been a workout program this effective. This is’ve been warned.
Ready to take it to the next level? ATHLEAN X-TREME is the next level challenge for those making it through AX-1 Training Camp. But Training Camp is over.and in order to conquer these next 90 days, you’re going to need to bring even more to the table. You’re going to need a resolve not to quit and the determination of an “ATHLEAN Warrior”. These intense workouts deliver a knockout one-two combination of fat incineration and a heavy dose of muscle building. Nobody ever said looking good was easy, but then again if you’re truly “X-treme”, you wouldn’t want it that way!
– Advanced Level Athletes and those who have completed AX-1 Training Camp
– Concentrated Muscle Building with Fat Loss
– X-Treme Sports Performance

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