Adam Thomas – Dropshipping Accelerator 2018



1.) Access to our private student group to ask burning questions, get help when you’re stuck, and network with other like minded people who are determined to make this work.

2.) Access to 10 new winning products every single week hand picked by me completely for free! They are posted inside of the student group.

3.) Access to a mentor! If the students can not assist you in the private student group or you need some extra advice you can always ask me, I’m here to help.

4.) Future updates completely free. This course is an evergreen course which means in the future there will be new lessons and possibly modules added as things change and as I learn more myself. The price of the course may increase when more content is added, but existing students will never have to pay more.

5.) Additional PDF/Spreadsheets/Templates to make your learning experience a true luxury, for example, in the finding a niche guide you will receive over 300 niche ideas, and my personal top picks out of all the niches for 2018!

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