67 Steps by Tai Lopez




GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THE BEST IDEAS FROM THE GREATEST MINDS IN HISTORY Introducing the easiest and fastest way to learn from the smartest, most successful, and wealthiest people in the world!.
From discovering the secrets of investing with Warren Buffett to learning how top athletes like Michael Jordan train, 67 Steps is like having cheat codes for the game called life.
In as little as 15 minutes a day, Tai Lopez will teach you the lessons he’s learned from books, mentors, and his experiences. One of the biggest benefits of 67 Steps is consistent learning.
Similar to how exercising daily (not once in a blue moon) improves your body, adopting new knowledge every day improves your brain. Because each lesson is about something new, you’ll expand your mind and create new neural pathways about a wide range of topics.
67 Steps are currently $1 for 3 days (so you can try it out first) and continue at $7/month for as long as you like. It’s never been easier to regularly learn directly from Tai and his mentors!
The lessons in 67 Steps are guaranteed to provide dozens of new ideas and insights. Simply listen or watch the material after you wake up, before you go to bed, or while working out or driving.
Watch the lessons in the member’s area using any device connected to the internet. Access years of experience in one place. Available on any device.
Each day for 67 days you’ll learn something new and practical. Over time, you’ll feel more intelligent, confident, and happy.
The lessons you’ll learn are the same lessons Tai’s mentors taught him. Tai has access to some of the most successful people in multiple industries.
In 67 Steps, you will too.

Once payment is made, a URL link will be made available for you to download all of this module’s content.

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