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Course Review: Young Trader Wealth – Forex Pro Trader Program

My name is Elliot, I am a Multi-Asset trader specialized in the Foreign Exchange Market and a Private Portfolio Manager based in Monaco, London & Panama. I had the chance to start trading FX and Commodities at the age of thirteen allowing me to acquire experience early as I got mentored alongside institutional traders and FX researchers in major Banks. Trading became second nature and a passion. I now live off trading as my full-time income and career which allows me a certain lifestyle I always perceived as unachievable. On my Instagram profile @youngtraderwealth (all posts are mine) I only post the most photogenic parts of my life as people are sadly more interested in the outcome rather than the process.

Sharing my passion with others is something I love doing as trading is a rather “lonely” job. Teaching others has allowed me to meet and mentor very promising traders that I keep close to my entourage for future projects and plans. Moreover, seeing some of my student’s lives changed, and achieving financial freedom gives me a real purpose in life which I am proud of.

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