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Course Review: YenGub Brandon Nguyen – Case Study

Who said you had to go to school to be successful? Well, Brandon Nguyen will tell them otherwise. From building his eCommerce business from the ground level up, this successful entrepreneur has a story to tell – and this story has nothing to do with the four walls of a school. So how about we take a sneak peek into the life of Brandon Nguyen, a Direct Response Marketer & Entrepreneur?

The Humble Beginning

Brandon Nguyen, fondly called Yen/Yengub by friends and family, grew up in a lower-class family and even had to start working at the young age of 12. However, he decided to break out of poverty, and this desire became a burning passion that saw him move from a poor lad to a successful, wealthy young man.

We can say that Yengub wasn’t your typical teenager. As much as he wanted to be successful, he just didn’t think school was the way to achieve that. So, after his first year in the university, Yengub decided to drop out and find another less traveled path.

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