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Course Review: Usher Teaches The Art of Performance

Nine times out of ten, anything that is an overnight success will not last forever.

No one starts off completely successful.

You have to go through building who you are if you want it to sustain forever.

You could be a sensation today, and then five years from now, no one remembers what you really offered.

Did you offer anything that was valuable?

Did you do anything that was truly impactful that would inspire someone else?

So I’m offering you this so you can get there, the right way.

[MUSIC PLAYING] What I’m doing is inciting, igniting the light that is inside of you through my own experiences.

If this were just a day class, you’d only understand one level of it.

What I’m giving you is the depth of what it is to be an entertainer, the depths of what it is to put yourself through the practice of being the greatest, being your greatest, being the best, and having the tools that you need to go as far as you choose in life.

Not just as an entertainer, but as a person.

I feel like every bit of what I’ve learned I want to share with you, because I want you to understand the idea and the sacrifice that went into entertainment.

It’s perceived as something easy, that it comes overnight, that entertainment is something that anybody could obtain.

That’s not true.

That’s not entertainment.

That may be overnight success.

That may matter for the moment.

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