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Course Review: Unlocking Transcendence by Jeffrey Allen

To the person seeking wellness, abundance, and fulfillment in every dimension:

Anyone who wants to live at their best knows the importance of nutrition and exercise.

But even the fittest, most physically healthy people often ignore an equally as important aspect of their wellbeing: spiritual fitness.

Are you spiritually fit?

When you meet a spiritually fit person, you can feel it. They glow with personal power. They’re in touch with their truths. They’ve mastered their emotions. And they navigate life in a constant state of flow and connection.

Whereas a lack of spiritual fitness can manifest as the opposite – including a sense of feeling stuck, of lacking purpose and direction, or even of feeling disconnected from yourself and the world around you.

The Unlocking Transcendence program with master energy healer Jeffrey Allen is a remarkable roadmap to spiritual fitness.

You’ll go far beyond regular spiritual practices like meditation and prayer – and embody advanced spiritual skills that keep you beautifully and perpetually aligned with your highest purpose. Your fullest potential. And your biggest capacity for impact and transformation.

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