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Course Review: Ulrich Boser – Master Any Skill

Read a lot of books? Here’s the #1 science-based mistake nearly everyone makes when reading even the best books…and why re-reading and highlighting can be a massive waste of time.

Learn more, earn more. Did you know improved learning has become the single biggest predictor of increased income for both individuals and countries? Ulrich shows why learning might be an entrepreneurs greatest competitive advantage…

3 biggest learning myths debunked! Ulrich reveals why myths like the “10,000 Hour Rule” are wrong and complete “pseudoscience”…and how you can become an expert or master any skill without wasting years of guesswork.

Turn consumption into creation. Discover how to easily turn any piece of content you consume — from books, podcasts, YouTube, etc — into a “progress path” of skill improvement every single day, not just more information overwhelm!

Target – Acquire – Apply. Ulrich’s proven “TAA Framework” shows you not only how to learn smarter and faster, but ultimately how to actually get better from it. In an ever changing world, those who learn and stay ahead of the curve…win.

The “master key” to learning. Want to accelerate any skill set, remember more of what you read, and improve your craft? Go from a “passive learner” to an “active learner” using the advice in this class…

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