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Course Review: Total Transformation Training by Christine Bullock

To the person who wants to get fit and in shape – but doesn’t want to spend hours a day getting there:

Could you be exercising too much?

Everyone who wants to look and feel good knows what happens when you don’t exercise enough.

But if you’ve ever felt exhausted, demotivated, overwhelmed, or just plain bored of dragging yourself to the gym or exercise mat for countless hours every week…

Then you’ll be glad to know this common approach to exercise isn’t actually doing much good for your weight and fitness.

In fact it could be sabotaging you from getting your ideal body and energy levels!

The solution, according to celebrity fitness expert Christine Bullock, is to exercise less.

Way less. As in, well under 10 minutes a day kind of less.

(But in a highly specific, easy-to-follow way that may seem counterintuitive to you at first.)

This is not a fitness fad designed to reel you in at the expense of actual results. It’s a thoroughly proven and optimized approach Christine has perfected over two decades of studying, applying, and teaching the science of fitness in the public eye.

And it’s what you’ll harness to transform your body in Total Transformation Training: her revolutionary fitness program with Mindvalley.

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