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Course Review: The New Psychology Of Winning by Denis Waitley

“Denis Waitley has played a pivotal role in helping grow a small cellular nutrition products company into one of the largest, most respected direct sales companies in the world, with annual revenues surpassing $1 billion, while creating millions of customers globally. For over twenty-five years his psychology of winning principles have been ingrained in the DNA of our corporate culture through his inspirational, practical teachings as our primary spokesperson. We look forward to The New Psychology of Winning, combining timeless wisdom―gained from of his fifty-year career as a pioneer in the personal development industry―with fresh, new insights and strategies to lead and succeed in this fast forward digital age.” – KEVIN GUEST, CEO and Chairman of the Board, USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

Denis Waitley, bestselling author of Seeds of Greatness, The Psychology of Winning, and The Winner’s Edge, is one of the most respected and listened to voices on high performance achievement. In The New Psychology of Winning he offers timeless and timely advice on how to apply his philosophy to the digital age and attain personal and professional excellence today. The world has changed to be almost unrecognizable since he recorded his original bestselling classic in the 1970s―going from the late industrial age to the digital age and beyond. How has this digitization affected Denis’s original message? How have the current trends in the marketplace affected those seeking entrepreneurial success? How does this change affect our personal and professional life today? In his patented, authentic, accessible, personable style, Denis will answer these questions and show you how you can be a twenty-first century winner!

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