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Course Review: The M Word by Emily Fletcher

Whether you already meditate or want to: what you’re about to discover will transform your understanding of this ancient and scientifically proven practice.

Many people think of meditation as a tool for relaxing and managing stress.

And many also struggle to do it consistently – with focus, finding time, staying still, staying disciplined, or even just staying awake being some of the common hurdles.

But there now exists a different approach to meditation that turns many of these expectations on their head.

It’s an approach that doesn’t just help you relax – but also awakens incredible peak performance, boundless energy and vitality, and even superhuman creativity and intuition.

And it’s an approach that’s so simple and intuitive, even the busiest person can do it effortlessly in just a few short minutes a day.

This isn’t old school meditation as you may know it. It’s meditation for your modern life. And for showing up and performing as the best version of you.

Your guide to helping you master this optimized form of meditation is its creator, Emily Fletcher: one of the world’s leading meditation experts. Welcome to The M Word.

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