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Course Review: The Lean Content Academy

The Advanced Content Roadmap Generator
A game-changing tool for planning complex content campaigns

The Copy Generator: A Tool To Create Powerful, Persuasive Copy
Is your copy failing to connect with customers? Are you: ❌ Struggling to persuade your prospects, even though you know you can help them? ❌ Unsure how to structure a sales or product page, in order to drive conversions and grow sales?❌ Spending too long on what should be a straightforward process? Yup. We’ve been there. And that’s why we invented the Copy Generator.

The Content Checklist: 84 Actionable Steps To A Perfect Campaign
What do you think is stopping you from creating great content? You’ll probably say time, budget or talent – but with a rock-solid process, you don’t need to rely on these things a fraction as much as you currently do. Building that kind of process takes trial, error, iteration and experience. But thankfully we’ve done all the hard work so that you don’t have to…

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