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Course Review: The Habit of Ferocity – Steven Kotler – MindValley

For the professional or entrepreneur looking to perform at your absolute peak:

You know how on some days you’re just on fire, getting so much great work done, and in such impeccable flow that you amaze even yourself?

Well what if every day could be just like that?

In fact what if you never again had to struggle with brain fog, ‘down days’, or inner blocks that drain you of your productivity and momentum?

In short: what if peak performance could become your default state – no matter what the world or your own mind tries to throw at you?

This may sound like a distant fantasy to the average person.

But thanks to the latest mind science, it’s now clear that extraordinary focus, performance, and productivity aren’t just reserved for the world’s 1% of top achievers.

According to award-winning mind science author Steven Kotler, these are completely trainable and accessible skills anyone can learn: and it all starts by understanding the state of mind he calls ‘ferocity’.

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