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Course Review: THarv Eker – Million-Dollar-Business-Secrets

For 14 years, T. Harv Eker failed at every business he started.

He was dead broke. And had days where he had to choose between putting gas in the car or buying dinner.

Some of his friends were successful. So he tried copying what they did.

“You’re making a killing selling shirts? Great! I’ll try that!”

“You bought a yacht selling real estate? Amazing! I’ll do the same!”

But here’s the thing: The systems, formulas, and strategies that were working for other people wouldn’t work for him!

He became depressed. And humiliated that he couldn’t earn a living. Then, he heard a sentence that changed his life forever…

One of his father’s millionaire friends told him: “Have you noticed rich people think and do things differently than everyone else?”

A light bulb went off in Harv’s head. He spent the next six months buried in books and going to seminars.

He learned everything he could about how self-made millionaires think. Specifically, how they think about business. By changing the way he thought about business, he automatically changed his actions. That, of course, changed his results.

14 years of struggle, poverty, and humiliation vanished almost overnight. Within 2.5 years of hearing that sentence, Harv was a multi-millionaire.

In private seminars, he taught students how to think this way. These were business-specific lessons not covered in his New York Times bestselling book.

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