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Course Review: Talmadge Harper – Absolute Courage

What if the more adversity and uncertainty you faced, the more courage and resolve you felt deep within? What if fear was something that just didn’t exist in your world? How would that change everything?

While working with clients I discovered that many people are walking around believing that their mental states must be dictated by external circumstances. But what if in the face of deep uncertainty you felt absolute courage awaken within you? what if suddenly you realized that fear is just an illusion, and you were able to see the best course of action clearly?

What would it be like if suddenly you truly felt courage in ways that truly affected you, allowing you to always be the calm in the center of whatever perceived storm?

Society, in general, has convinced us that when times are uncertain, we must feel uncertain. But in uncertain times, courage is needed to see things clearly and to take decisive action from strength. When you ARE courage then you realize that all fear is an illusion.

This is not a replacement for self-love/self-worth or an awakening of your internal power. For that, I recommend “The Trifecta of Power” and “Unleash your Infinite Power.” Once you have a solid foundation in those areas, then this product is designed to focus everything within you to always find the courage and be courageous.

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