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Course Review: Super Reading by Jim Kwik

When was the last time you learned how to read?

Chances are, you’re asking this question out loud in your head right now.

You see, there’s an inner voice that comes out whenever you read – and it’s your voice.

This is a habit most people pick up around the age of six.

When you were in primary school and your teacher made you read aloud, you sounded out words and your teacher corrected you as you went along. Eventually, you were told to read silently.

That’s when you took the out-loud voice and turned it inward.

And that’s the last time you learned to read.

This is why most people’s minds can now only read and absorb information as fast as we can talk – which drastically slows down not only our reading speed, but our speed of learning.

The Super Reading program with Jim Kwik guides you through a rapid and proven process of unlearning this restrictive reading habit – and installing a new, optimized reading ability that doubles your reading speed. And in turn, your personal growth.

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