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Course Review: Steven Clayton & Aidan Booth – The Kibo Code Quantum

The Founders of the Kibo Code Quantum Program

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are the founders of the Kibo Code Quantum program. Both of them are champions in e-commerce marketing and entrepreneurship. The pair is well skilled in e-commerce training and digital marketing.

Recently, they launched a new training program, which is more advanced. The Kibo Code Quantum is expected to yield a high return on investment within a short period. Many distinguished marketers in the digital industry have tested and endorsed the program.

Steven Clayton is an e-commerce guru with years of knowledge in digital marketing. He has been a manager and leader in exceptional organizations before launching new ventures with his business partner Aidan Booth. Steve brings a wealth of experience and skills into the Kibo Code Quantum program’s development and operation.

Similarly, Aidan Booth is a talented digital marketing strategist. Previously, he collaborated with Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton. He decoded some of the methods that work for e-commerce platforms, such as sales tactics, products, and trends. After uncovering what works and what doesn’t work for e-commerce, he decided to share his expertise with the world by developing comprehensive digital marketing courses.

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