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Course Review: Steve Larsen – OfferLab 2020

Entire OfferLab Course For 12 Months
For 12 months, you’ll have access to the home study course including over 22 hours of training, broken down into 12 modules with over 60 lessons and FAQs. You’ll also get the 12-Part “Build-And-Launch” Formula Workbook, which will guild you through Steve’s Funnel Outsourcing and Launching steps.
(VALUE: $11,997)
Two, 3-Day Live OfferLab Intensive With Steve
OfferLab membership gives you access to two, 3-day Intensive with Steve. You can attend in physically or virtually. In this private intensive workshop, Steve will work through his lucrative offer, money message, and cash campaigns models. But it’s ALL at the pace of YOUR needs. You’ll get the answers you need to move forward and create success.The major output of the three days is Steve’s 12-Part “Build-And-Launch” Formula, which will let you take your business idea to almost any funnel builder, copywriter, and designer to get created with confidence.

High-level guest speakers also give mini-workshops on their expertise.

NOTE: New OfferLab Students have dibs on attending in person, but the event is also always Virtual. The coaches request reminder to you that this is an intensive workshop. They’re PACKED. Steve stops a lot and walks around the room answering questions and they are worth the price of admission alone.
(VALUE: $19,997)
Onboarding Call With OfferLab Coach
Every business and owner is unique. Start your year strong with a call from one of the OfferLab Coaches and get advice on the best place to start in Steve’s 12-Part “Build-And-Launch” Formula.

You’ll get access to all your files, training, and simple management systems. Share your goals and get guidance on the best way to approach your 12 months with us.

While success and progress is obviously on your shoulders, the OfferLab Coaches are here to answer any question you have and help remove any roadblocks coming up for you. They are extremely skilled and have been through Steve’s aggressive vetting process to be part of this incredible program.
(VALUE: $997)
The Private OfferLab Community Mastermind
• Live Offer, Funnel, And Launch Planning with Steve
Steve’s proprietary Funnel Build-And-Launch system is a very unique, but hands-off way to get a sales funnel created and working. He developed it over the last 4 years while working with businesses like yours.

This is the first time Steve has decided to go Live in the community to design every one of his funnels in front of you. You’ll watch him follow his own 12-Part “Build-And-Launch” Formula to make is own Sales Funnels through the talents of others. Real Marketers don’t know how to do every piece of the funnel build, and neither does Steve. Watch the way he coordinates with his team, outside hires, and listens to his audience to make changes. The OfferLab Community Mastermind is the only place he’ll be doing this. All calls are recorded and put in the members area.

• Monthly Live Ads Meeting
Steve has decided to stream his paid ads meeting so you can watch what questions he asks his ads team, how he adjusts the funnel, and what ads he sees needs to be created. This is extremely valuable to be part of and learn from. All calls are recorded and put in the members area.

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