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Course Review: Skillshare – Create Custom Animations for VideoScribe

About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to create your own vector SVG images or to use purchased vector images for use in VideoScribe or other whiteboard animation software.

We will be using Adobe Illustrator and VideoScribe to build images that animate the way you want them to. This class assumes you have some working knowledge of each piece of software.

By the time you finish this class you’ll know how to create an animated SVG from a purchased or hand-drawn vector image, how to speed up or slow down the animation, how to add color, and how to either have the color load in or be ‘scribbled in’ on screen.

Lesson 1: Finding your ideal vector image

Lesson 2: See how your vector will be rendered in VideoScribe

Lesson 3: Two ways to add color to your vector file

Lesson 4: Tracing a photo to create a vector image

Lesson 5: Creating text to use as an animated SVG in VideoScribe

Lesson 6: Modifying images from the VideoScribe library

Lesson 7: Overview and class project – Build your own animation!


Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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