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Course Review: Shawn – 100K Super Affiliate 2021

“How My Brother Took 1 FREE Traffic Source Turned Into 2000+ Email Subscribers- and $25,334.77 In Profit In 10 Days From

ONE Affiliate Product”

I’m sitting here in a bit of disbelief in what I just witnessed.

Money was just being printed.

Over and over and over again.

ClickBank sale after ClickBank Sale.

Over $25,334.77 was made in PROFIT.

All from free traffic.

And ONE affiliate product.

Not to mention the list of 2000+ that was built at the same time.

I got into online marketing in 2008 for this VERY thing.

Online marketing SHOULD move this fast.

SHOULD be this lucrative.

I started online in 2008 and I roped my younger brother into this world in 2010.

And neither of us has looked back since.

Only problem here is – I am an email marketer and he isn’t.

He has driven me crazy because he wouldn’t build a list.

Let’s fast forward a bit.

You know I now live in Australia.

But about 3 months ago I had to make an emergency trip back home to see my ailing father.

And due to the pandemic, I am still here.

And I’m living with my younger brother.

I’ve been watching him work on this ‘free traffic’ source.

It was getting some traction and then about a month ago it stopped.

Game over.

He had made a few thousand dollars but it looked like what was a new ‘goldmine’ had dried up.

But luckily for you. the story doesn’t end there.

Because he kept at it.

And just when he was about to accept it wasn’t going to work.

He is literally printing money now.

Look at the dates on that screenshot.

That is literally stats from last week.

And guess what he’s doing next week?

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