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Course Review: Self Hypnosis Practitioner – Master the Art of Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis Practitioner – Master the Art of Self Hypnosis

This Self Hypnosis Practitioner level course takes you from beginner level through to being able to use self hypnosis to create positive change in your life and even to helping others by teaching them how to use it. Follow through the simple Four Step Process that this course teaches and you’ll Master the Art of Self Hypnosis in no time.

Self Hypnosis shouldn’t be made complicated because it’s not complicated, it’s a simple yet hugely effective tool in creating positive changes in your life or helping others to do the same. We have set up patterns and programmed ourselves over many years and to change that programming needs an effective tool……. Self Hypnosis is exactly that.

“You use hypnosis not as a cure, but as a means establishing a favourable climate in which to learn” – Milton Erickson

This Self Hypnosis Practitioner course comes packed with all of the information you need to learn the process, use it for yourself and even help other people to change their lives with the application of it.

You can imagine, just for a moment, that you have a client come to you who, for years, has been holding themselves back from living the life they truly want. You know that it is going to take more than just working with them in your sessions to truly help them to shift past these blocks. You need a tool, a simple process for them to follow through in between your sessions to help the process along. What is one of the most effective tools out there…….. Self Hypnosis!

Hypnosis fits perfectly with so many of the established helping areas such as….. Life Coaching, CBT, Counselling, NLP, Mindfulness and even Meditation. Often though people think they need to consistently visit a Hypnotherapist to help make the changes they desire. What if you could do it for yourself, in your own home, or teach others to do the same? How amazing would that be? How much of an impact will you have on your own life as well as other peoples?

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