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Course Review: Sebastian Robeck and Bryan Ostemiller – Agency Hyper Growth

Let Me Show You How I Naturally & Ethically Enroll High-Paying Agency Clients With An Easy-To-Follow “Conversational Flow”

How Two 21 Year Old College Dropouts Built A 7 Figure Ad Agency In Under 12 Months

From The Desk Of Sebastian Robeck & Bryan Ostermiller

New York, NY

Hi, this is Bryan & Sebastian.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve helped over 200 marketing agencies go from struggling, burnt out, & desperately clawing for clients…

…to thriving agency owners with an overflow of clients, predictable revenue month-over-month, and complete control over their lifestyle.

2 years ago, we had nothing. No clients, no case studies and no experience.

We constantly heard things like:

“We need to see some case studies”

“What’s your experience?”

“I need to think about it”

“That’s too expensive”

After about a year of endless rejection, sales calls gone bad, & a constant feast-or-famine cycle in our agency…

…we had enough.

We became obsessed with mastering the art of effective communication & influence.

As a result – we spent over a year learning from some of the best sales, influence, & persuasion maestros across the industry…

…but we soon realized there was a BIG problem in the space.

The way sales was being taught, specifically, to B2B marketing agencies was highly flawed.

The problem is – for most agencies, their sales process is 95% product-centric.

Meaning, a majority of sales calls for agencies typically revolve around:

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