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Course Review: Scott Adams – Loserthink How Untrained Brains Are Ruining America

Don’t just compete, Dominate!

What You Get:

Fundamentals of Finding Products

Welcome! (2:48)
What Tools Do I Need? (16:50)
The Fundamentals of Determining Sales (10:28)
How to Use Jungle Scout (13:25)
How to Read Sales and Price History Graphs (8:25)
Criteria Checklist (14:21)
Go Against The Masses (7:27)
How to Calculate Profit Margin (12:56)

Research Methods

My Favorite Product Research Method (14:19)
Hunting Down Products in Categories (12:11)
How to Find Related Products (9:11)
Unique Ways to Use The Web App (19:06)
Using Amazons Own Data to Find Products (9:15)
Finding Product Ideas on The New Releases List (6:52)
Finding Products Using Niche Hunter (9:24)
How to Capitalize on Other Countries Trends (8:59)
Finding Products Using Trend Sites (8:39)
Finding Products in Everyday Life (4:58)
Finding Products by Typing on Amazon (6:27)
Using Amazon Basics to Find Products (10:10)
Finding Products Editing Amazons URL (14:29)
Include Keyword Method (3:29)
Using Keyword Scout to Find Products (4:51)

Analyzing Your Market

Checking Patents (5:33)
Avoiding Seasonality (6:04)
How to Check Search Demand (5:45)
How to Innovate Using Competitors Bad Reviews (7:39)
How to Analyze a Product Market (18:15)
How to Track Competitors Sales (3:43)
How to Figure Out Fulfillment Fees for a Potential Product (5:34)
How to Bundle Products (4:44)
How to Find Bundling Ideas (4:50)
Examples of Bad Products (8:21)
Example of a Good Product (9:14)
How to Crush it, My Exact Workflow. (8:17)

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