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Course Review: Savage Seller – Amazon Product Research

Here’s What You Will Learn
Running Profitable Ads on Facebook™
Generate Profits Using Facebook™ Marketing
Sell Your Product or Service Almost Instantly Anytime.

Advanced Targeting Modules
Advanced Lead Generation Modules
Generate Incredible Brand Awareness
Get in More Customers & Clients Regularly
Self Running Facebook™ Ads That Generates Real-Time Profits
No More Guesswork & Wastage of Hard Earned Money in Trying & Testing
Facebook™ Ads Modules
MODULE 1: Intro & Welcome
We will start slow. First, we will start with a nice little introduction to help us become friends & then followed by the strong motivation to keep you charged up for the journey.
MODULE 2: Concepts of Marketing
My job is to make you a better marketer. I will ensure this using this module in which you will go through the concepts of marketing. This will help you in your online journey forever.
MODULE 3: Product & Irresistible Offer
Well, there is a difference between just a product & an irresistible offer.
Let me help you turn your product into an irresistible offer with this particular module.
Your customer can ignore a good product, but they can never refuse an irresistible offer.
I will help you set that up so that your customers will have no choice left other than to work with you.
MODULE 4: Funnel Creation
You need seamless sales funnels running for you to become mighty profitable in online business. I am famous for my funnel conversions & let me help you build your business funnels by passing on the same knowledge to you.
This is exactly the part where 99% of Facebook marketers go wrong & start complaining about ads not being profitable for them or high costs or whatever.
In fact, this module is so much important that just by doing this, even if you have a “weak ad”, you will still be “profitable”.
Yes, I will show you my exact steps on how to do this.
MODULE 5: Landing Pages Creation & Strategies
There are 2 kinds of landing pages:
1.) The ones which are just existing on the internet
2.) The ones which bring RESULTS
I will prefer the 2nd category at all times. And my secret landing page methods & growth hacks will help you fall in the same category as well every single time (unless you don’t want so – wink wink).
MODULE 6: Introduction to Facebook Marketing
Time to begin the real game.
In this module, you will be introduced to the basics of Facebook marketing. I want to make sure that “Timeline Domination” program caters people of all knowledge levels i.e. from newbies to advanced.
So if you are somebody who is just starting out. Don’t worry, we have got you covered.
MODULE 7: Types of Facebook Ads
This module will be your introduction to all the types of Facebook™ ads.
I will show you in detail each & every type of Facebook™ ad & will share with you the detailed insights on when to use what kind of ad.
This knowledge will be super helpful for you in your successful Facebook™ ads journey.
MODULE 8: Ad Set
This is where ads are broken or made profitable. You will get my detailed insight into each & every option that is available inside the Ad Set level.
I have personally gone through this dashboard tens of 1000s of times & just by doing this right, you would have done your significant bit of creating your profitable ad.
This module will be a huge game-changer for you.
MODULE 9: Ad Targeting
This is going to be an insanely lengthy module that will help you target your most profitable customers with laster targeted precision.
Imagine you being fully aware of your exact targeting options & more laser targeting options that just make sure that you are reaching out to the right audience.
You have won half the battle right there by doing this right.
MODULE 10: Ad Creation
The exact purpose of creating an “ad creative” is to motivate the person to stop scrolling down their feed & pay attention to your ad.
we have created tons of advertisements & in doing so we have understood some patterns that make our ads stand out from the rest.
I will show you our exact ads & the exact methods of how to create them.
MODULE 11: Facebook™ Pixel
This is the point where Facebook™ marketing starts exactly.
Hence we have dedicated this entire module to it so that it helps you move forward in the right direction.
Super short module yet the Most Important one
MODULE 12: Conversions
Inside this module, you will see how do we instruct Facebook™ to bring sales for us.
Facebook™ is a huge algorithm with an amazing selling opportunity available at all times.
Doesn’t matter what niche or product type you have, you will see how to bring maximum sales & conversions through Facebook™.
MODULE 13: Facebook Audience
You will have your profitable audience set up & updating in real-time.
This is like your cash goldmines all set to fire whenever you want them to. I will show you my secret methods of setting up Facebook™ audiences.
My methods of creating the audience are different from any other marketer I have ever seen & no wonder that’s the reason why my ads are super successful.
Let me help you set up your profitable audiences from the word go.
MODULE 14: Website Conversion Ads
This is the ad type that I run 99% of the time & you should do that too. It’s like extracting the best out of Facebook™ & generating the maximum amount of conversions (leads or sales) out of Facebook™.
There’s a specific way of doing this & you will see this in this module.
Again, a super important module for your success using Facebook™ ads.
MODULE 15: Retargeting
How to get all the lost sales back – The answer is RETARGETING.
Retargeting means showing the ads to all those people who were interested in your product but were not able to purchase it for some reason.
Retargeting ads are able to fetch 90% of those lost sales back with an EXTRAORDINARY INSANE level of ROI.
Well, I have developed not just 1 or 2 methods of retargeting, but, over here we have developed multiple levels of retargeting ads.
We will share with you all of our retargeting methods plus all of our best retargeting ads so that it throws the guesswork out of the equation.
MODULE 16: Facebook Reporting

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