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Course Review: RSD Julien – tengame

This is a YOU product! Ive created something that, for the first time, is 100 customized to YOU, to tap into your BEING, which is the only real value you have to offer women!
They identify with what they have.
They want to have looks
They want to have money
They want to have status
And obviously, this doesnt work!
Now, as you get into the pickup scene, you then start identifying with the DOING
Where its now all about the words you say and the things you DO.
And this doesnt work EITHER!
In order to achieve success with women, you have to get to the BEING.
The BEING is the soul.
The BEING is your uniqueness.
The BEING is what attracts women.
This is what you have to HARNESS.
This is why I created TenGame.
Your soul, your uniqueness, your being isnt something you can logically understand.
Its abstract, it comes before words
Its something that you have to EMOTIONALLY RECOGNIZE.
Its something you have to EXPERIENCE.
This is what TenGame is all about.
Its there to get you back in touch with yourself
Its there to reconnect you with who you truly are
Its there to get you back into your seat of power.
As long as you stay stuck in the doing, the game will always feel empty.
Its always going to be stressful
Its never really going to be you
Its never going to be that powerful
You have to re-connect with YOU.
Not who you THINK you are
Not what society WANTS you to be
Not with the FAKE front that youve been trained to put on
But with YOU – the REAL you.
You cant keep trying to fill the void by looking outside.
You have to look INSIDE.
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