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Course Review: Rich Litvin – Being an Exponential Coach

Rich Litvin had NO money left in his account.
“Why? Why? Why isn’t this working?”

That’s the question screaming inside his mind, as he sat frustrated, his head between his hand, staring blankly at his now-empty bank account.

He had no money left to his name. Literally.

For the past few years Rich has been working tirelessly, building his skills as a coach.
He’d invested everything he had in the hopes he could make his dream become a reality:
To become a truly great coach.

But still… the cold, hard facts were hard to deny:
He had absolutly no money to show for it.
So… why wasn’t this working?

After years of searching for the answer to this one question – Rich finally found it. He found the answer that has helped him to finally break out of this “being broke” pattern.

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