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Course Review: Racheal Cook – Your Sweet Spot Strategy

When I first started my career as a consultant, I tried a lot of different things to grow my business.

At first, I followed what all the so-called ‘experts’ in my field told me to do. I ‘smiled and dialed’ hundreds of cold leads a day. I followed the sales scripts. I learned how sales psychology and NLP and carefully crafted funnels could get people to open their wallets.

But it all felt off to me. I felt like I had to become someone I wasn’t to grow my business – and that’s not why I started this journey. It just wasn’t the right approach for me.

Then I started to experiment. I realized that my natural strengths have always been in teaching (starting in high school offering music lessons to younger students through tutoring undergrads in Economics and Accounting as I earned my MBA).

Once I tapped into my natural strengths, my business shifted dramatically. Marketing (and sales) became effortless.

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