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Course Review: Q and A with Grant Cardone by Grant Cardone

What are your thoughts on silver and gold?
They don’t produce income.

What are your thoughts on running a business with a spouse or sibling?
There has to be ONE general, one person needs to be the boss.

Quality or quantity?
I believe quantity, quality is not as important as quantity. In nature water beats the rock, it’s constant, it always keeps going. If you do something just once it won’t be enough.

Organizing a wedding…should I use the money to pay for the wedding or as down payment on the house?
Neither, you shouldn’t buy a house and you guys overspend on weddings. Elena and I didn’t spend a lot of money on the wedding, we positioned ourselves to be successful later.

Number one rule in business?
There is no business with no income. You must be able to scale the business. There must be some money left over. Most business owners are overworked and underpaid. Income is king.

What’s one thing I need to do for you to hire me?
You have to show me you have people you will bring in from the beginning, if you bring revenue that’s what all businesses look for.

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