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Course Review: Productivity Machine by Ari Meisel Foundr

The Complete Productivity System
How to Work Only 1 Hour a Day,and Reclaim Your Life
Learn how serial entrepreneur Ari Meisel reprogrammed his
life, dug out of $3MM in debt, started and scaled an outsourcing
business overnight, and found a way to maximize time with
his family – all with one simple productivity framework.

01.Step-By-Step Video Lessons:
Over 20 videos packed with insights, inspiration, and action, broken down into approachable frameworks that you can apply to your business and life right away.
02.Actionable Assignments:
12 of the 20 bite-sized video lessons come with a downloadable worksheet, along with an action step to keep you moving forward toward progress. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
03.A Proven Productivity Framework:
Learn the same framework that Ari used to start and scale three businesses, build a global productivity coaching network, and reprogram his life to cure an incurable illness.
04.Hands-On Technical Demonstrations:
Ari walks through step-by-step automation tutorials that will help your business grow, and free up your time to focus on what’s really important.
05.Learn Anywhere, Anytime:
Smartphone, tablet, can view the course from anywhere. Take a page from Ari’s book – he can run his entire business from his iPhone, so you should be able to take his course on yours.
06.Access for Life:
Go back and review these insightful video lessons as often as you like. You’ll never have to feel crunched for time. Learn at your own pace.

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