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Course Review: Point & Figure Charting To Maximize Your Profits by Dr.Gary Dayton, Trading Psychology Edge

Point & Figure Charting
To Maximize Your Profits
Savvy Traders Know When a Market Is Ripe for a Large Move & Where It Will Stop – Do You?

Learn to Read Point & Figure Charts and Dramatically Improve Your Trading

Over four hours of teaching over 2 sessions

Smart traders know when a market is ready to take off. Just as important, they know how far that move is likely to run. When you get into a trade, do you have a clear idea of where it is likely to go? Do you close trades prematurely or hold them too long because you really don’t know the target? Can you say ahead of time, what your profit objective is? In your studies, do you pay attention to entries and neglect exits? Here is the information to change all that. Imagine how you would feel if you could hold your trades for larger profits and exit them at the right location because you know the trade’s likely target in advance? Well, this is certainly possible.

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