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Course Review: Pinterest Aff Hack 2020

Introduction In 2015, Pinterest had banned Pinterest affiliate marketing because of a flood of spammy pins. But, as they improved their platform and technology to combat those spammers we now are allowed to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest again!

Affiliate Marketing is one of my favorite ways to monetize a blog. If done right it can become very passive. Using affiliate marketing on Pinterest is amazing because you have a whole army of pinners (over 100 million!) that are there to spread your link. Before I get too far let’s cover the basics:

WHAT IS PINTEREST AFFILIATE MARKETING? So you may be wondering, what is Pinterest affiliate marketing? Essentially, you share products you love and when someone makes a purchase through your link you earn a commission off of that sale.

For example, if you decided to purchase through one of my links, I would earn a small commission, but there is no additional cost to you. There even can be bonuses for using an affiliate link!

It really is a win-win. You get to solve your reader’s problems by sharing amazing products and in return, you can earn some money!

Steps to earn $ 100 / day and $ 3000 / month with Pinterest + Affiliate Site

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