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Course Review: Peter Szabo – Source Hacker (Updated)

I stumbled across an add of Peter Szabos Source Hacker System(SHS) one day while watching YouTube. It caught my attention and I signed up for his free webinar. First I was super excited because of all that stuff he is promising, a way to find the love of your life, making lots of money… basically how you can reach the life youve always dreamed of. So I am at the webinar, ready to take notes and learn as much as I can and in the beginning he gives pretty good but basic information about how to use the law of attraction and why it probably didn´t work the way you wanted in the past. Then he talks about the subconscious aspect and what important role our memories are playing when it comes to improve our life circumstances. He introduces the main idea of the memory flipping technique but doesn´t give much details. In terms of marketing he is doing a pretty good job but if you´re looking for detailed free information this webinar is not the place for you. The last half hour he starts to introduce the actually SHS and explains what is included and what bonuses etc. you get. Classic advertising, that made me a little bit suspicious especially when he claimed the value of each component of the system. It was all a little bit over the top and made me hesitate. However, after a long period of decision making I joined the sourcehackers.

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