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Course Review: Perry Marshall – Definitive Selling Proposition

Dear Marketing Professional:
2003-2010 was the Golden Age of Google. If you could attain a solid edge against everybody else on the Big G (which was not always terribly difficult for some time, especially in AdWords), you enjoyed buckets of traffic.

The world ate out of your hand. Everyone was playing on YOUR turf. Plug in your killer offer and here comes the dinero, spilling hundred dollar bills on your living room floor like a hacked ATM machine.

2011-2015 was the Golden Age of Social Media. If you could get better engagements, better targeting, more viral action especially on Facebook, you were King For The Day. Twist your offer around to get extra Social love, and you were picking up customers left and right.

2016-2019 is the age of the Killer Offer. And the death of what used to be “good enough” or even great.

Traffic is not enough. Likes and Shares are not enough. And few can afford large quantities of traffic anyway.

What will be shall not be what came before.
The earth is rapidly shifting under your feet, Part 1: Uber has reached critical mass and they are expanding RAPIDLY. Billions of dollars in their coffers. And while media attention focuses on battles with City Hall, good ol’ boys clubs and cab companies, the real story is: They’ve slashed prices so low, drivers are down to minimum wage and EVERYONE is taking Uber EVERYWHERE. It’s so cheap and so seductive, no sane person could NOT try it.

That is a KILLER offer.

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