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Course Review: Paul Millerd – Think Like A Strategy Consultant

A Four-Week Learning Journey With Challenging Weekly Assignments

Week 1

x0001F9E0 Module #1 – Consulting Mindset: Introduction to the basic consulting mindsets, mental models & consulting process

Week 2

x0001F3AF Module #2 – MECE Mind: The powerful framework to help you sharpen your thinking
x0001F4A1 Module #3 – From Information To Insight: Introduction to the pyramid principle and synthesizing & organizing complex information
Assignment: Consulting services MECE assignment & mock chief of staff research assignment

Week 3

_x0001F52C_Module #4 – Real World Problem Solving: Using MECE, Pyramid Principle and hypothesis tools to break down real-world problems into problems that can be solved
Assignment: Using SCQA & issue tress in a real-life Facebook strategy case study

Week 4

x0001F4CA Module #5 – Kick-Ass Presentations: Learn the PowerPoint secrets of strategy consultants, master flow & understand how to craft your message to different audiences
x0001F525 Module #6 – Beyond Consulting Presentations: Creating Memorable & Persuasive Content: Implement tools from cognitive neuroscience and other disciplines to create memorable messages
Assignment: You’ll be given an incomplete 19-page presentation which will have missing information. Fill in the information, titles and other missing content and develop a clear storyline based on the lessons

Course Format – Weekly Cadence

The course will generally keep the following seven day rhythm:

While you can complete the course at your own pace, it is designed to be completed in four weeks. You will receive a weekly e-mail giving context for the week and suggested timeline of completing the lectures and assignments.

Two Options: Self-Paced Option + VIP 1-on-1 Coaching

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