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Course Review: Ntansa Academy – ACUITY Innovation Leadership Accelerator

The demand for leaders to drive innovation has never been higher. This has created a massive skills gap for qualified innovators equipped to lead organizations out of the pandemic and beyond.
The ACUITY Innovation Leadership Accelerator serves the global leader who seeks the training to transform your organization, become an innovation authority and increase your earning potential.

ACUITY have gathered the research from over 90 of the world’s best innovation minds and their most important findings to create this course.

Over 8 weeks, 9 modules and 35+ lessons ACUITY innovation leaders will get access to exclusive industry tools, templates, best practices, networking with likeminded individuals, and the empirical evidence to maximize your innovation outcomes.

Each of the 6 principles and 4 foundation pillars of the ACUITY Framework includes an introduction to the ISO 56002 Innovation Management Systems standard to help you operationalize the critical innovation management activities.

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