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Course Review: MuteSix – Email Marketing Masterclass by Klaviyo

Pair of Thieves, a rapidly growing ecommerce brand, was looking to increase market share in a highly competitive category. They enlisted the expertise of Klaviyo agency partner, MuteSix who used the combined power of email and social platforms to help Pair of Thieves extend their brand reach, acquire new buyers, and better retain existing customers.
Pair of Thieves is not your average basics brand selling socks and underwear. Rather, they strive to make basics a lot less basic and have built a memorable, enigmatic brand that defines and differentiates itself through humor and viral marketing.

Co-founded by Cash Warren, husband of actress Jessica Alba, Pair of Thieves started to gain some traction when a video of Alba talking about the socks and underwear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! went viral. But the increased awareness wasn’t leading to increased sales. So, Pair of Thieves turned to MuteSix, a direct response digital agency that specializes in Facebook, paid search and email marketing.

Led by Arturo (Art) Villalobos, Head of Facebook Advertising, and Jason Boehle, Head of Email Marketing, the team at MuteSix worked hand-in-hand with Pair of Thieves to extend their reach, acquire new buyers, and better retain existing customers using Facebook Advertising and Klaviyo.

The Challenge
Pair of Thieves had made a splash with their clever marketing and high-quality products. As they grew to be a national brand, the company recognized that they faced some significant competition and needed to differentiate themselves in a highly-competitive market.

“When Pair of Thieves first came to us, they wanted more sales. Whether selling underwear or selling socks, the sales were what was really driving them,” said Art. “They wanted to take a chunk out of their biggest competitor, who pretty much dominates the space.”

To take on the leaders in their space and acquire more sales, Pair of Thieves needed to get more strategic about their marketing. They were doing some basic advertising through Facebook and email marketing through Mailchimp, but they needed to take their marketing to the next level and get more targeted with their efforts. They wanted to find a way to not only acquire new subscribers, but retain and drive more sales from each customer.

“One of their biggest challenges was that they wanted to grow their email list,” said Art. “When they signed on they had about 10,000 subscribers. They knew they needed many more to make more sales and grow the business.”

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